Media Center and Customer built PC’s Guide/Gallery


This is a custom build Media PC. It is made of red cherry wood and designed to mimic an old 50’s radio.  It has a large amount of space inside, plenty enough for a regular desktop PC and all of its components.  It has good airflow and makes a great PC for those that don’t want an ugly metal contraption sitting in their living room.

This particular PC was a tripple core AMD processor with 8GB of Ram, a Geforce graphics card with HDMI out for the TV and a 2TB Hard Drive to store media.  Used with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse it makes a great addition to any living room decor.



This PC was built inside of a clear acrylic case.  It was very interesting to look at but requires a lot of work to make all of the cables and wires look clean and organized.  These are definitely a showpiece, everyone stops and looks.

clear_pc_newThis is a more modern edition of the clear acrylic case, combined with liquid cooling.  The green liquid inside of the tubes is blacklight activated and glows bright green in the dark.  Liquid cooling allows for a near silent computer with very high performance.

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